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HDA 4778-K-5000-000 (PSI)



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SUMMARY:  HDA 4778-K-5000-000 (PSI)

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Available versions: Standard; CANopen; ATEX; CSA; IECEx; Schiff & Offshore; with HSI sensor detection; with front-flush diaphragm; for applications with increased functional security

The pressure transducer series HDA 4700 is equipped with a very accurate and robust sensor cell with a thin-film DMS on a stainless steel diaphragm. The 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10V output signals enable connection to all measurement and control devices of HYDAC ELECTRONIC GmbH and linkage to commercially available evaluation systems (e.g. PLC controls). The variant with HSI sensor detection was specially developed for use in conjunction with the HYDAC measurement devices HMG 500, HMG 510, HMG 3000 and CMU 1000. For data transmission purposes, the EVS 4748-H is equipped with an HSI interface (HYDAC Sensor Interface). Thanks to this, the HSI sensor is recognised completely automatically by the HYDAC measurement devices listed above and all necessary basic device settings are then immediately undertaken automatically. The variant with the front-flush diaphragm was specially developed for applications in which the media used could lead to a blockage, gumming-up or freezing of a standard pressure connection. The variant for applications with enhanced functional safety was specially developed for use in safety circuits / safety functions in the context of the functional safety of machines and plants up to PL d – Cat 3 (in accordance with ISO 13849). In addition, utilisation in an SIL 2 - system (in accordance with EN 61508) is also possible. The pressure transducers are designed with two channels. Each channel consists of one sensor element and one evaluation electronics. Because of this, the pressure transducer generates two separate pressure-proportional output signals which are independent of one another. The main areas of application are in the mobile or industrial area of hydraulics and pneumatics, particularly in applications with constricted cavity and as sensor elements in mobile, safety-oriented systems such as load torque display or load torque limitation in loading cranes or work platforms. Additional fields of application can be found in processes with changing media, in which residues could lead to mixing or contamination of the media.
  • Accuracy ±0.25% FS type.
  • Measurement ranges: between 0 ... 6 bar and 0 ... 600 / 1000 bar, depending on the type
  • Output signals: 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10V, CANopen
  • Very robust sensor cell
  • Very small temperature error
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Very compact design
  • Convincing price/benefit ratio
  • Optional with front-flush diaphragm
  • Also available with ATEX, CSA, IECEx or Schiffs approval