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Comprehensive Electrical Controls by FSC

Discover FSC's expertise in electrical controls to enhance your industrial and mobile systems.

Electrical Controls for Industrial Fluid Power

FSC offers advanced solutions for industrial fluid power, including motion controllers, industrial PLCs, and panel layouts. Our expertise ensures reliable and efficient control of direction, speed, force, and torque, making your industrial operations smoother and more efficient. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each application, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Electrical Controls for Mobile Fluid Power

In mobile fluid power, FSC provides robust solutions such as mobile controllers, EPEC systems, and wire harnesses. Our mobile fluid power solutions are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of on-road and off-road applications, providing precise control and enhanced functionality. We work with leading brands like Hydraforce and Rexroth to ensure top-quality components and systems.

Comprehensive Data Acquisition & Instrumentation

FSC excels in data acquisition and instrumentation, offering test stands, sensors, servo drives, and telematics. Our solutions provide accurate data collection and monitoring, crucial for maintaining and optimizing system performance. We also offer ISOBUS and electronic controls, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced operational efficiency.

Extensive Electrical Control Capabilities

  • Motion Controllers

    Ensuring precise control and efficient operation of industrial fluid power systems.

  • Industrial PLCs

    Reliable and scalable PLC solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

  • Panel Layouts

    Custom-designed panel layouts to meet specific operational needs and space constraints.

  • Test Stands

    Advanced test stands for thorough testing and validation of systems and components.

  • Data Acquisition

    Accurate data collection and analysis for optimized system performance.

  • Instrumentation

    High-quality sensors and instrumentation for precise monitoring and control.

  • Servo Drives

    Efficient and reliable servo drives for various industrial applications.

  • Mobile Controllers

    Robust controllers designed for the demanding environments of mobile fluid power applications.

  • EPEC Systems

    Advanced EPEC systems for enhanced control and functionality in mobile applications.

  • Wire Harnesses

    Custom wire harnesses for seamless integration and reliable operation.

  • Operator Inputs

    Various operator inputs including joysticks, push buttons, and rotary knobs for intuitive control.

  • Telematics

    Innovative telematics solutions for remote monitoring and data acquisition.


    Ensuring compatibility and efficient communication in agricultural and industrial applications.

  • Software Design and Engineering

    Expert software design and engineering to enhance system functionality and user experience.

  • HMI Design

    User-friendly HMI designs for intuitive operation and enhanced user interaction.

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