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Comprehensive Industrial Fluid Power Services

Optimize your industrial fluid power systems with FSC's comprehensive solutions.

Custom Manifold Engineering

FSC excels in creating custom manifold assemblies using high-quality materials like aluminum or ductile iron with various coating options. Our precision engineering ensures compact designs with minimal pressure drop and fewer construction plugs. We provide both prototype and production builds, guaranteeing all designs are fully tested to meet the highest quality standards.

Advanced Valve Solutions

Our valve solutions include sectional control valves, load-sensing control blocks, and sandwich directional valves, available in manual, electronic, and hydraulic control options. These solutions ensure your industrial systems operate with precision and efficiency, tailored to your specific application requirements.

Integrated Manifold Assemblies

FSC combines the benefits of custom manifold assemblies with sectional control valves to offer integrated manifold assemblies. These assemblies leverage the best of both worlds to deliver superior functionality, compact design, and enhanced performance, meeting the unique needs of your industrial applications.

Comprehensive Industrial Fluid Power Solutions

  • Custom Reservoir Design

    Tailored to fit your application needs and space requirements, including filters, sensors, and custom brackets.

  • System Component Selection & Sizing

    Expert sizing of pumps, motors, drives, filters, and more to ensure optimal performance.

  • Fabrication for Any Industrial Need

    Custom fabrications, including pump/motor mounts and modified fittings, with full documentation.

  • Pump Sizing

    Offering variable and fixed displacement options to suit various applications.

  • Motor Sizing

    Providing low speed high torque and high speed low torque options, tailored to your needs.

  • Filter Sizing

    Pressure, return, and kidney loop sizing to ensure clean and efficient fluid power systems.

  • Cylinder Sizing

    Customized to match your specific application requirements for optimal performance.

  • Oil Cooling / Heat Exchanger Sizing

    Ensuring your systems maintain the right temperature for efficient operation.

  • Hose & Fittings Sizing

    Providing the right sizes for your specific needs to ensure proper fluid transfer.

  • Accumulator Sizing

    Offering piston, diaphragm, and bladder types to match your system requirements.

  • Remote Controls

    Electro-hydraulic, hydraulic, and pneumatic options for precise control.

  • Reservoirs

    Available in various styles and materials, from steel to plastic, with capacities up to 6,000 gallons.

  • Prime Movers

    Options include AC and DC powered electric motors, as well as diesel and gasoline powered engines.

  • Filtration & Fluid Monitoring

    Filtration to ISO standards, with monitoring for cleanliness, water, level, temperature, and pressure.

  • Temperature Control

    Solutions include air coolers, water coolers, heaters, and mechanical and electronic temperature controls.

  • Drives & Control Systems

    Providing motor starters, variable frequency drives, PLCs, HMIs, and data communication systems.

  • Axis Control

    Synchronization of multiple axes, position control, force control, and position/force control for presses and large rolls.

  • Support & Documentation

    Offering start-up and troubleshooting support, training, and comprehensive documentation, including 2D/3D drawings.

  • Quality Assurance

    ISO 9001:2015 certified to ensure the highest standards in all our processes.

  • Accumulators

    Functions include pulsation dampening and energy storage.

  • Air Over Oil Systems

    Effective solutions for various industrial applications.

  • Fabrication & Build

    In-house fabrication with certified welders and high-pressure pipe capabilities, plus custom painting and tube bending.

  • Installation & Repair Services

    Complete services from installation to repair, ensuring your systems run smoothly.

  • Testing & Inspection

    Comprehensive testing with up to 6,000-gallon capacity test oil, and thorough inspection by calibrated instruments and certified weld inspectors.

  • Documentation & Reporting

    Detailed test reports on pressure, flow, current draw, and sound intensity to ensure quality and performance.

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