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Advanced Manifold Assemblies by FSC

Discover the capabilities of FSC's advanced manifold assemblies for your industrial needs.

Custom Manifold Engineering

FSC specializes in creating custom manifold assemblies with materials like aluminum or ductile iron and various coating options. Utilizing a 5-axis machine, our designs ensure minimal pressure drop, fewer construction plugs, and fewer port connections. Each manifold is fully tested with high-quality procedures to guarantee performance and reliability, catering to both prototype and production builds.

Integrated Manifold Assemblies

Our integrated manifold assemblies combine the advantages of custom manifolds and sectional control valves. This approach offers superior functionality, compact design, and enhanced performance. FSC works closely with customers to develop and design schematics and layouts, ensuring each solution meets specific needs and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

Collaborative Design & Testing

At FSC, we collaborate with our clients to design and develop the perfect manifold assembly. We partner with leading brands like Rexroth, HydraForce, and Hydac for screw-in valves. Every manifold is assembled and tested in-house using our advanced test stands to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Comprehensive Manifold Assembly Solutions

  • Custom Manifold Assembly

    Engineered with precision using aluminum or ductile iron, offering various coating options for durability and efficiency.

  • Integrated Circuit Design

    Fully tested with high-quality procedures, ensuring reliable and efficient operation in all conditions.

  • Precision Engineering

    Designed with a 5-axis machine for compact, efficient designs with minimal pressure drop and fewer connections.

  • Prototype & Production Builds

    We cater to both prototype and full-scale production builds, ensuring flexibility and scalability for your projects.

  • Collaboration with Leading Brands

    Partnering with Rexroth, HydraForce, and Hydac to provide high-quality screw-in valves for all assemblies.

  • In-House Testing Facilities

    All manifolds are rigorously tested in-house to ensure they meet the highest performance and quality standards.

  • Customer-Focused Design

    Working closely with customers to develop schematics and layouts that meet their specific needs and requirements.

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