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Fluid System Components Service DeptFluid Power Services: In-House vs Field Service

The hydraulic industry plays a crucial role in numerous sectors, from manufacturing to construction, ensuring optimal machine performance is essential for their workflow. It is essential for service companies to have both in-house and field service capabilities to better serve all facets of these industries.

Understanding In-House Service Capabilities:

In-house service capabilities encompass the expertise, tools, and facilities available within a service company’s own premises. These capabilities play a vital role in efficient component evaluation, repair, and maintenance processes.

At FSC, we have recognized that the primary advantage of in-house service capabilities lies in the availability of experienced engineers and service technicians who can provide invaluable insights and expertise, quickly. This allows us not only to identify potential issues but also to propose innovative solutions. Furthermore, having the necessary tools and testing equipment readily accessible in-house significantly reduces setup time for diagnostics and repairs, resulting in faster response times for our customers. By promptly diagnosing component problems, our team can minimize downtime and keep operations running smoothly.

Our range of in-house service capabilities extends to a wide array of repairs, including hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinder repairs. Additionally, we provide maintenance services for, electrical controls, hydraulic valves, welding, and fabricating, and GAST aerators utilized in private ponds, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

Exploring Field Service Capabilities

Field service capabilities complement in-house services by bringing expertise directly to the customer's location. This capability is particularly crucial when troubleshooting machines that are not functioning properly. Field service technicians can provide real-time testing and analysis, recording hydraulic pressures, flows, and other relevant data to diagnose issues accurately. By identifying and repairing problems on-site, these technicians aim to minimize additional downtime and quickly restore operations for the customer. Field service capabilities are important when spare components are not readily available, as technicians can evaluate and repair existing components without the delay of ordering parts.

FSC’s field service capabilities encompass a wide array of services, including on-site repairs, installations, and system upgrades. Technicians equipped with advanced data acquisition units can accurately monitor machine information, record pressure spikes, flows, and horsepower draw. They can also fabricate custom hydraulic tubing and crimp high and low-pressure hydraulic hoses on-site. Additionally, field service technicians are adept at cleaning hydraulic reservoirs and offer welding, fabrication, and pipe fitting services, providing comprehensive support wherever it is needed.

In-house or Field Service

FSC’s in-house and field service capabilities are integral, allowing us to deliver efficient and reliable solutions that fit our customer’s needs. By leveraging both in-house and field service capabilities, we can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and maintain a competitive edge in the fluid power industry.


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Maintaining a consistent maintenance schedule is extremely important for keeping your mobile (and industrial) hydraulic equipment in optimal working condition. By partnering with FSC, you gain access to a dedicated team committed to providing comprehensive support in all aspects of fluid hydraulics. With our extensive product availability, technical expertise, efficient distribution, precision manufacturing, and responsive service and repair, we ensure your equipment operates at its best. To learn more how our service field service or in-house service teams can assist you, reach out to us at (920) 337-0234 or via email at