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Rexroth M4 Valve at FSCRexroth's M4 Valve: A Powerful Solution for Mobile Hydraulics

The Rexroth M4 valve is a versatile modular directional control valve that can be used in a wide range of mobile hydraulic applications. As a load-sensing proportional valve, it can precisely control the flow of hydraulic fluid to the actuator, regardless of the load.

M4 Valve Capabilities

The M4 valve is known for its high flow rate and pressure handling capabilities. It can handle pump flow rates up to 100 GPM and consumer flow rates up to 52 GPM, with a maximum pressure of 5,100 PSI. This makes it ideal for applications where high power and performance are required in a compact design.

Rexroth’s precision manufacturing and high-quality components ensure that this valve offers an accurate and consistent flow of hydraulic fluid and overall operation. These benefits lead to increased productivity, improved safety, reduced energy consumption, and an extended component lifespan.

The versatility of the M4 valve speaks for itself! It is compact and customizable, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of mobile hydraulic applications – or anywhere a compact, powerful valve design is required. Its carefully engineered, modular structure allows our team to configure the ideal valve blocks for our customer's specific applications. With up to 10 sections per assembly, the M4 valve is ideal for applications where complete, precise machine control is required.

FSC utilizes the M4 valve in mobile hydraulics FSC - Rexroth M4 Valve


FSC's Utilization of M4 Valves

Many mobile machines rely on the M4 valve, and FSC has successfully used it in construction applications for the propel function, which drives the motors that rotate the wheels on large construction equipment. These valves are also ideal for lifting and lowering crane booms and for the individual movement of the crane hook. Excavators, bulldozers, and loaders have multiple hydraulic functions that can benefit from the M4 valve.

The team at Fluid System Components relies on the Rexroth M4 valve to deliver the best possible performance and reliability for our customers. With its high flow rate, pressure handling capabilities, efficiency, and safety features, it is ideal for demanding hydraulic applications.

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