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FSC Feller Buncher ProjectFSC's Mini Feller Buncher: Powered by Rexroth

FSC is a leading provider of hydraulic and fluid power solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, FSC is well-positioned to take on new challenges and explore new ideas. To showcase these capabilities we are combining the extensive skills of our engineering and manufacturing team with components from our top vendors, to tackle the design and manufacturing of a mini feller buncher.

A feller buncher is a self-propelled harvester used in the forestry industry. It has a cutting head that can rapidly gather and cut a tree before felling it. The cutting head is used to cut, hold, and place the stems on the ground. Feller bunchers rely heavily on hydraulic systems to provide the power needed to operate the cutting head and other components of the machine.

The miniature feller buncher will be on display at FSC Technology Day on Thursday, September 14th, showcasing our engineering, system design, and manufacturing capabilities. We strive to offer our customers the highest quality fluid power solutions. The mini feller buncher is a unique and innovative solution that demonstrates FSC's commitment to finding new ways to meet the needs of its customers.

FSC Mini Feller Buncher Powered by Rexroth Technology

The mini feller buncher will use the latest hydraulic and fluid power technologies offered by our top vendors. Equipped with a Rexroth RC56/40 series controller, this state-of-the-art controller offers a high level of performance and safety. The RC 40 series is well suited for use in mobile applications because of its small footprint and provides optimal control of electrohydraulic components. It supports programming in CoDeSys 3.5 and the C programming language making it a versatile option for many large and small applications. 

CAD Drawing FSC Feller Buncher powered by Rexroth FSC Feller Buncher Controls

Future upgrades to the feller buncher will be made as part of a senior design project with the University of Wisconsin Green Bay engineering team. We anticipate these updates will include three inclination sensors that will be used to detect its 3D positioning, which will help the controller monitor and control the machine's movements. In addition, it will have a 7" touch screen that will be used by the operator to control the machine. The touch screen will have a variety of features, including joystick control, auto movement, and safety features.

If you are interested in seeing this demo or any of the other fluid power technologies that will be showcased at our Technology Day event, register to join us on Thursday, September 14th at Fluid System Components in De Pere, WI! If you are planning to join us for Technology Day 2023, please Register HERE.

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