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Hydraulic Power Unit - FSCHydraulic Power Units: FSC's Commitment to Quality

With over 35 years of hands-on expertise, FSC is proud of our extensive experience in building and testing hydraulic power units. Our dedicated testing area spans over 2500 square feet, ensuring that each power unit undergoes thorough testing to meet customer specifications. With a commitment to quality, our testing capabilities and equipment are regularly calibrated to meet our standards, which have earned ISO 9001/2015 accreditation.

Comprehensive Testing and Equipment

Our testing process covers a wide range of parameters, including function, flow, pressure, current draw, and sound pressure. The test results are saved electronically for future reference. To enhance our testing capabilities, we have a full range of proportional valve drivers and a specially designed motor starter cabinet that prioritizes operator safety. Whether it's fractional horsepower or up to 300 HP, our motor starter cabinet can handle three-phase motors of varying voltages, including international voltages like 380, 415, 440, and 575 VAC.

We understand the importance of oil cleanliness in hydraulic systems. That's why we have invested in a 6000-gallon bulk oil storage tank that is meticulously filtered and monitored to meet strict ISO code cleanliness standards. Our bulk tank includes separate sections for ISO32 and ISO100 mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids. Additionally, we can accommodate customer-specific fluids, including high viscosity fluids up to 10,000 SUS and fire-resistant fluids. We are also well-equipped to handle biodegradable or food-grade oils as required.

Customer Satisfaction is #1

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. We gladly accommodate special testing requests and documentation requirements, and we welcome customers to witness their systems being tested firsthand. Our goal is to ensure that every power unit leaving our facility is of the highest quality and meets our customers' exact specifications.

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Fluid System Components is an expert in hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical panels, manifold assemblies, and custom hydraulic power units and systems. With our extensive testing capabilities, cutting-edge equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction, FSC stands as a leader in the hydraulic industry. We are committed to delivering a high-level of support in all areas of fluid hydraulics offering broad product availability, technical expertise, efficient distribution, precision manufacturing, and responsive service and repair. To learn more about our HPU capabilities, please connect with us at (920) 337-0234 or via email at: