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FSC Automation Test StandUnveiling FSC's Automation Test Stand

In the realm of industrial automation, precision and reliability stand as equals in importance alongside customer satisfaction. Whether it involves controlling intricate motion applications or optimizing hydraulic drives for heavy machinery, the new Automation Test Stand by FSC is forging a path toward sustained excellence. At its core, the stand harnesses the exceptional capabilities of the Rexroth XM Motion Controller, the HMC Controls, and the Allen Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), working seamlessly to deliver unmatched performance, testing, and diagnostics. Let's take a look at some of the components that are being used to make this test stand unique:

Rexroth XM Motion Controller: Precision Redefined

The Rexroth XM Motion Controller is not just another controller; it's a precision powerhouse. With a design tailored for intricate motion applications, the XM controller boasts advanced programming features and an intuitive interface. These controllers can seamlessly integrate into most automation systems, and the accuracy and speed make it an important component for our test stand needs.

HMC Controls: Mastering Hydraulic Precision

Bosch Rexroth’s Hydraulic Motion Controller (HMC) will also be highlighted as part of this build. These HMCs are engineered with intelligent control algorithms, which allow it to optimize motion, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of hydraulic systems.

Allen Bradley PLC: The Backbone of Industrial Automation

Renowned for its reliability and robustness, the Allen Bradley PLC takes center stage in the automation symphony. As a versatile programmable controller, the PLC executes logic-based operations, orchestrating machinery, and processes across industries. The Allen Bradley PLC's flexibility, scalability, and extensive range of I/O modules render it indispensable in the world of industrial automation.

Seamless Communication

At the heart of the Automation Test Stand lies effective communication. The integration of these controllers – Rexroth XM, HMC Controls, and Allen Bradley PLC – forms the basis of this system. To achieve seamless operation and coordination, communication protocols like CAN, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, and others establish a network that ensures optimal reporting, quality, and reliability.

The collaborative efforts of the FSC team are paving the way for this automation project. By harnessing the capabilities of Bosch Rexroth's motion controllers and coupling them with the reliability of Allen Bradley PLCs, the FSC Automation Test Stand promises to deliver exceptional precision and the reporting we need to guarantee customer satisfaction on every project.

Interested in seeing the completed test stand in action? Join us on Thursday, September 14th, for the FSC Technology Day event! There will be a full day of fluid power classes, demonstrations, and more. To register, please fill out the form found here: REGISTRATION.

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